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Child Find

This notice is provided in compliance with State and Federal regulations for conducting Child Find activities in order to identify students who may be in need of an evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services.

Parents/guardians of children ages 3-22, who reside in Millbury and feel their child is in need of an evaluation for the determination of eligibility for special education services, may contact the Office of Pupil Services (508) 865-0875. You may also contact your child’s school directly and speak with the special education team chairperson to discuss your concerns.

Information related to the procedure for requesting an evaluation can be obtained by calling the Office of Pupil Services at (508)865-0875.

Helpful documents:


Take Me Home, Keep Me Safe Program

The "Take Me Home, Keep Me Safe" program is designed with safety in mind and is based on the “The Take Me Home Project” being used in Florida and New York. It was expanded to include individuals of all ages and disabilities and/or mental capacities. Essentially, the Project allows an individual to be “registered” at the police department.  This information is stored at the Millbury Police Department and is only shared with Millbury Police, Fire, and EMS personnel. For example, if your child, spouse, relative, etc. were to wander off, we could run his/her name through our in-house system to get emergency contact information, a photograph, and other pertinent information. Completed packets will be stored in a three-ring binder housed at the Millbury Police Department.

We’re hoping this project will help us locate individuals faster when/if they wander, or help us better understand and assist an individual who may have a disability or special need. 

Please print this packet, complete it, and return it with a current photo of your loved one to the Millbury Police Department.