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AHERA (Asbestos) Information

Please find the enclosed files for AHERA (Asbestos Emergency Response Act) reports and the annual notification. AHERA has to do with asbestos awareness in public schools. On October 22, 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed into law an amendment to the Toxic Substance Control Act requiring schools to determine the presence of asbestos containing building materials in all school buildings. That amendment, called Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act required that all school buildings be visually inspected by accredited inspectors and that bulk samples of suspected materials are taken where the material was not assumed to be asbestos. It further required that management plans be created for each individual building and that they maintenance and custodial personnel receive training. This document is the Asbestos Management Plan which provides the means and the methods to effectively deal with asbestos containing building materials.

Mr. Kofi Agyeman, Facilities Director, is the school district's AHERA Designated Person.

He can be reached at or 508-865-5841 ext. 6311 or at Millbury Jr./Sr. High School, 12 Martin Street, Millbury, MA.

Enclosed below is the annual AHERA notice:


Enclosed below are the individual school's AHERA reports:

Millbury Jr./Sr. High School is for Grades 7-12.

Millbury Jr./Sr. High School AHERA Report 2024

R.E. Shaw Elementary School is for Grades 3-6.

The Millbury Public Schools has built a new R.E. Shaw Elementary School which opened in August 2022. We are have received and posted below the architectural statement stipulating that there is no asbestos or asbestos related material in the building. The new school will still need a management plan, but it will have limited information: the architect letter, the annual notice, the designated person statement, and product information sheets (SDS) for any replacement materials that were installed since the building was constructed.

Shaw School AHERA Letter from T2  5-1-24

Shaw School AHERA Report 2024

We have linked information below on the AHERA management plans for new schools:

AHERA New School Exemptions

AHERA New School FAQs

Elmwood Street School is for Grades Pre-K - 2.

Elmwood Street School AHERA Report 2024

The Dorothy Manor School is rented to a day care provider.

Dorothy Manor School AHERA Report 2017

Please find below the AHERA Vendor Notice file. This alerts any potential contractor working in our schools of the potential presence of asbestos containing material. Vendors working in the Millbury Public Schools shall review and sign off on this material.

AHERA Notice to Vendors 3-19-19

Please find below the link to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Labor's AHERA (Asbestos) Webpage:

Comm. of Mass. Dept. of Labor AHERA (Asbestos) Webpage