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FY 2019 Budget

The following FY 2019 Budget documents are listed in the order that they are released to the public. The more recent documents are listed at the bottom of this section. Please feel free to review the budget documents and if you have any trouble downloading the material you may contact the MPS Business Office, 508-865-9501, and request a copy be sent you. The FY 2019 School Budget Public Hearing will be held on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 7PM at the Millbury High School Media Center. The School Committee will vote on the budget at a separate meeting held later that evening.

FY 2019 Budget Timeline from the MPS Leadership Team to the School Committee to Town Boards and to the May 1, 2018 Millbury Annual Town Meeting.

FY 2019 Budget Timeline

The FY 2019 Complete School Budget Packet, including yellow BudgetSense report, released on 1-10-18 is enclosed below:

FY 2019 Complete School Operating Budget Draft - 1-10-18

The Millbury Public Schools' Five Year Capital Budget Requests are listed below:

Millbury Public Schools Five Year Capital Budget Requests 12-20-17

Capital Budget Requests - Town and School 2-7-18

The following documents were acted upon at the 2-28-18 School Committee Meeting:

FY 2019 School Operating Budget One Page Summary - SC Approved on 2-28-18

FY 2019 School Operating Budget - SC Approved on 2-28-18

May 2018 ATM Warrant Articles - SC Approved on 2-28-18

The following PowerPoint was discussed at the 3-14-18 School Committee meeting regarding reducing the amount of big buses from 11 to 10:

FY 2019 School Bus Reduction Proposal - 11 big buses to 10 big buses

The following budget reductions were discusses at the 3-28-18 School Committee meeting:

Potential Reductions to FY 2019 School Operating Budget

The School Committee voted a 3.9% increase on 2-28-18. The School Committee heard budget reductions on 3-14-18 and 3-28-18 that could bring the budget down to a 3.24% increase.

Glossary of Municipal Finance Terms:

Municipal Finance Terms

See link below for the Massachusetts Historical Cherry Sheet Information from FY 2012 through FY 2019 for the Town of Millbury. This includes Chapter 70 state aid for education and Unrestricted General Government Aid to local communities. It  also breaks it down from the Governor's original proposal through the House/Senate and final adoption.

FY 2012 - FY 2019 Millbury's Historical Cherry Sheet Information

The following FY 2019 School Operating Budget was voted by the School Committee on 4-25-18 and approved at the 5-1-18 Millbury Annual Town Meeting. With the additional $100,000 warrant article (formerly called the Medicaid Warrant Article) it represents a 3.08% increase over FY 2018's School Operating Budget.

FY 2019 Complete School Operating Budget - SC Approved 4-25-18 ATM Approved 5-1-18