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FY 2017 Budget

The FY 2017 Budget documents are listed below in the order they have been released to the public. The more recent documents are at the bottom of this section.

FY 2017 Budget Timeline

The FY 2017 Budget was discussed with the School Committee for the first time on Wednesday, January 13, 2016.

FY 2017 Proposed School Operating Budget 1-13-16

The following hyperlinked documents were presented at the January 13, 2016 Regular School Committee Meeting for the FY 2017 Proposed School Operating Budget:

The link below, entitled "Complete Proposed Budget" will provide you with the complete budget proposal for one download.

FY 2017 Budget - Complete Proposed Budget

The links below will provide you with the individual parts of the budget proposal for separate downloads.

FY 2017 Budget - Superintendent's Presentation 1-13-16

FY 2017 Budget - Programmatic Assumptions

FY 2017 Budget - Financial Assumptions

FY 2017 Budget - Major Areas of Increase

FY 2017 Budget - BudgetSense Detail 1-13-16 18 Pages plus Cover

FY 2017 Budget - Budget Offsets

FY 2017 Budget - Comparison of Funding Sources

FY 2017 Budget - Staffing Summary

FY 2017 Budget - Revenue Sources

FY 2017 Budget - Teacher Step

FY 2017 Budget - District Enrollment Data

FY 2017 Budget - Revolving Account Descriptions

FY 2017 Budget - School Profile

The school budget Public Hearing notice is listed below:

FY 2017 Budget - Public Hearing Notice for 2-24-16

The Town of Millbury's Financial Management Planning Committee (FMPC) has compiled a DRAFT of the capital project and staffing projections for FY 2017 and into the future. All proposed capital projects and staffing requests are summarized below:

FMPC FY 2017 Summary of ALL TOWN AND SCHOOL DEPT Capital Requests - FINAL 2-16-16

FMPC FY 2017 Summary of ALL TOWN AND SCHOOL DEPT Staffing Requests - FINAL

The Gale Associates athletic field improvement project proposal can be accessed below by linking to the Athletic Department's webpage and the "Facilities" tab:

The School Committee voted the enclosed Foundation Budget Review Chapter 70 Resolution at their February 10, 2016 School Committee meeting. This is a result of the work of the Massachusetts Legislature's Foundation Budget Review Commission regarding the lack of funding for health insurance and special education costs.

Foundation Budget Review Chapter 70 Resolution 2-10-16

The School Committe took action on the enclosed FY 2017 School Operating Budget and ATM Warrant Articles:

FY 2017 Budget - Summary SC Voted 2-24-16

FY 2017 Warrant Article for May 2016 ATM