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Parent and Community Announcements

  • See enclosed notice regarding the Millbury townwide pesiticide application for mosquitoes.

    Standard Written Notification for Millbury townwide pesticide application for mosquitoes



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  • See enclosed PowerPoint for additional information regarding this proposed change for next year:

    FY 2019 Bus Reduction Proposal - 11 Buses to 10 Buses

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  • Please be aware that Millbury Public Schools has been treating the R.E. Shaw Elementary School back playground for ticks with an organic, nontoxic, spray made of botanical oils. It has a rosemary and peppermint smell and is not harmful to humans.

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  • See link below for the Lead and Copper in Drinking Water Testing Notification Letter that was announced at the November 9, 2016 School Committee meeting. The results of the water testing is posted below. The testing will take place at all three schools.

    Lead and Copper Testing Letter

    Lead and Copper Testing Results Superintendent Letter 1-10-17



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  • Bus Stop


    School Year 2019-2020 Millbury Public Schools Bus Routes and Stops

    Posted 8-15-19


    Please remember to not pass any school bus with flashing lights on and the stop arm extended. It is dangerous and jeopardizes the safety of our children. This includes the school parking lots!


    Please find the enclosed School Year 2019-2020 Millbury Public Schools Bus Routes and Stops. Please check the location and bus stop carefully. Even though there are no major changes to the routing this year, there might be some slight adjustments. For example, the Millbury Jr./Sr. High School and Shaw students on Stone Road will use Mini-Bus #3 instead of Bus #7 this year. 

    As a reminder:

    R.E. Shaw Elementary School morning drop off will begin at 7:57AM and students must be in school no later than 8:10AM. The school day ends at 2:28PM.

    Elmwood Street School morning drop off will begin at 8:38AM and students must be in school no later than 8:53AM. The school day ends at 2:59 and student dismissal will take place from 2:59 to 3:24.

    Elmwood Street School and R.E. Shaw Elementary School will now have a fee based before school child care program, similar to the after school program. See the school's website for more details.

    August 29, 2019: First Day of School for Grades 1-12.

    August 30, 2019: First Day of School for Kindergarten

    September 3, 2019: First Day of School for the Pre-School Program



    Letter from the School Business Manager's Office:


    August 15, 2019


    The opening of a new school year in Millbury is fast approaching!

    What an exciting time. We are all looking forward to the start of another successful academic year.


    As the buses begin to roll in Millbury and other communities, I would like motorists to keep in mind the special safety concerns surrounding the transportation of our students.


    Although the school bus has been around as long as an automobile, the color yellow was not adopted until 1939. Since that time there have been many improvements to the school bus to ensure the safety of the occupants. That said, the most important way to improve student safety during their trip to and from school is with the assistance of other motorists co-existing with the school bus.


    I would like to take a moment to caution all motor vehicle operators of the importance of watching for school buses and being prepared to stop for buses stopped with their flashing arms extended. It is illegal and very dangerous to pass a stopped school bus with red lights flashing. School buses make frequent stops. Of particular note, small children cannot be easily seen in the area adjacent to the school bus, between cars or on a snow bank. Children also become easily distracted by a friend or items they might drop. They have been known to backtrack, kneel down or try to retrieve their belongings in the dangerous areas in and around motor vehicles.


    Millbury also has some very wide streets where motorists have to resist the temptation of driving around a stopped bus. That situation becomes extremely dangerous because the bus driver and student might not expect a car driving along the shoulder of the road.


    On a final note, it can take the average motorist over one hundred feet to actually stop the vehicle while traveling about 30 miles per hour. That’s a long distance! Please allow extra stopping time.


    As the new school year begins, I would like all motorists to be on the lookout for school buses and the increase in pedestrian traffic. Let’s keep our students safe!




    Richard G. Bedard, Jr.

    School Business Manager,

    Millbury Public Schools


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