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Welcome from the Superintendent of Schools


As you know, there is no greater priority than keeping our students safe.  As one of our key improvement initiatives this year, we are reviewing and revising our student and school safety procedures throughout the district.

The first step in this initiative is to update our safety protocols in the event of an active threat in any of our school buildings.  Unfortunately, there seems to be no shortage of such incidents in schools across the country.  Being prepared with an up-to-date action plan based on the most recent recommendations from law enforcement personnel and experts in school safety is critical. 

For many years, schools have implemented a "lockdown" procedure to address such threats.  In a lockdown, staff and students are required to remain quiet behind locked doors until first responders arrive to address the threat.  Over time, however, safety experts have changed their recommendations about how best to respond to an active threat.  Based on twenty-five years of data on school shootings, these experts are now recommending a procedure known as ALICE. 

The basic premise of ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) is to give teachers and students alternatives to the standard lockdown procedure.  ALICE encourages teachers and students to use common sense to avoid danger and, if absolutely necessary, to counter dangerous situations.  You can learn more about ALICE at www.alicetraining.com

In partnership with the Millbury Police Department, we have already begun training our staff to implement the ALICE protocol in the event of an active threat in our schools.  This training is being provided by Sergeant Brian Lewos of the Millbury Police Department.  Sergeant Lewos has received extensive training in ALICE and will be leading our efforts to prepare our teachers and students.  

If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, please join us for a school safety meeting on Monday, November 17, 2014, in the Millbury High School auditorium at 6:30 p.m.  Sergeant Lewos, our administrative team, and I will be present to explain the new procedures and answer any questions you may have.  This meeting is open to all interested parties, but will specifically focus on educating parents about ALICE.  Members of the Millbury National Honor Society will be providing child care for school-aged children during this meeting.

Whether you are able to attend this meeting or not, I encourage you to engage your children in conversations about school safety, including the options outlined in the ALICE protocol.  I also encourage you to contact your child's principal or my office with any questions you may have. 


Gregory Myers,

Superintendent of Schools



Millbury Public Schools Mission Statement


The mission of the Millbury Public Schools is to provide a school climate that accepts all students of varying abilities and interests and provides them with a wide variety of learning experiences so that they will have the essential skills and abilities to be life long learners and contributors to improving the quality of life for themselves and future generations.